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Salesforce Implementation & On-boarding Process (SIOP)

One of the most critical decisions businesses and executives will make is the decision to purchase, implement, and deploy a customer relationship management system that will positively impact the organizations sales and service objectives.  Often, business CRM implementations fail because of inadequate planning or a detailed and comprehensive project implementation strategy detailing all tasks with rigorous clarity.

“Companies with high level sponsorship, strong end user adoption and user friendly systems have the best success at employing CRM in their organization. Without a clear focus and introspective analysis of a business’ needs CRM will not succeed.”

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Salesforce CRM Implementation from a Salesforce Partner & Consulting Company

bLogix brings deep industry experience and functional expertise to each Salesforce CRM Implementation and a skilled and disciplined approach to project manage our client’s requirements.  While every Salesforce CRM implementation is unique, we follow a developed approach and process, our Salesforce Implementation and On-boarding Process (SIOP), for each Salesforce implementation.  With each Salesforce CRM engagement, we work in collaboration across our client’s organization developing insights about the business, operate in a cross-functional capacity to mobilize the organization to act, drive tangible, high-impact results and improve client capabilities through enhanced business processes, and high user adoption to achieve measurable goals.

Our Salesforce Implementation and On-boarding Process applies to clients with an initial Salesforce CRM implementation as well as enhancements, additional module or application integration or re-implementation of existing Salesforce deployments. We specialize in Salesforce CRM implementations for small to medium (10 to 1000) size clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Salesforce Implementation & On-boarding Process (SIOP) with Consulting Best Practices

bLogix’ developed approach and methodology, Salesforce Implementation & On-boarding Process, is comprised of CRM consulting best practices of “People, Process and Technology”.

bLogix Consulting Salesforce CRM Implementation Methodology | Best Practices

Cloud Services Implementation Methodology

Salesforce CRM Implementation and On-boarding Process (SOIP) Incorporates Industry CRM Best Practices
  1. Define vision and measurable business goals to drive CRM functionality and success
  2. Creation of detailed implementation project management plan
  3. Executive level sponsorship and CRM communications plan
  4. Collaborate across organization with business units, establish and communicate vision, strategy, purpose and goals. User adoption facilitates long-term adoption.
  5. Review, enhance and align current business processes to Salesforce CRM implementation
  6. Define workflows to enable business process automation
  7. Application customization, data migration and integration, reporting and dashboard customization
  8. Deploy in phased rollout plan across organization
  9. Training prior to deployment
  10. Ongoing training and support

We measure our own success by only one yardstick: our clients’ success.

Brian K. Naylor, Managing Director

Choose a Salesforce Implementation & On-boarding Consulting Partner

If you are considering a Salesforce CRM solution or require initial Salesforce implementation or post-implementation support, our Salesforce CRM consultants can help.  We encourage you to contact bLogix today at 864.266.2818 and schedule an initial consultation and speak with experienced Salesforce adviser to discuss your business requirements.  Results matter!