bLogix recommends SoGoSurvey to our clients for all internal survey requirements.\

Design engaging surveys.

Design a Survey

Their intuitive interface makes it easy to create surveys. Drag and drop questions. Add Advanced Question Types like their Intellimatrix. Create a look and feel that fits your brand. Piping, Advanced Branching, and Pre-Population of data help you create shorter surveys with questions that people care about. Or, simply choose a pre-designed template from their Survey Bank.

Launch surveys via email, website, social media, or text message.

Ready to launch? We make it easy with wizards that guide you every step of the way. Create engaging, customized email invitations that entice people to respond. Send Test Invites to preview the whole survey experience before you launch. Or, publish on your website for a wider audience. With SoGoSurvey, you can reach people anywhere. That’s not all. Use their Distribution Report to track all email invitations and see the details of each respondent’s actions.

Launch a Survey

Generate amazing reports with one click.

Manage Survey Reports

Most competitors don’t talk about reporting because it’s an afterthought with weak execution. With SoGoSurvey, all it takes is a few clicks. You get everything from snap-shot reports like simple bar graphs to sophisticated Comparison and Conditional Reports. We give you everything you need for quality, insightful data to support decision-making and policy.

Share real-time reports.

Share professional reports that update in real-time. You can even manage who has access to your reports and for how long. With one click, you can download reports into the format you use every day — PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. Presentation-ready.

Share reports
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