Social & Community Responsibility

Local & Regional Community & Non Profit Support

b Logix is committed to providing support and expertise to various local and regional community and non-profit organizations.  We believe strongly in our commitment to our community partners and provide professional consulting services to improve operations and increase their capabilities to function efficiently.  Our collaborative consulting model delivers to our community partners responsive service and insights that help them achieve tangible high-impact results.

We have established deep partnerships with various community and non-profit organizations providing a broad range of services and support including financial support, volunteer work, teaching and speaking engagements, organizational improvement, information technology, financial systems, donor management, marketing and website design and development services.  We believe supporting these organizations and their missions, as well as their partners improves our local communities and helps to support their success in their respective field of service.

Community Responsibility Partners we support & involved with

If you are a community or non-profit organization and are interested in bLogix supporting your efforts and establishing a partnership, we encourage you to contact us directly at 864.266.2818 and schedule an initial consultation.