Our Collaborative Consulting Approach & Values

bLogix brings deep industry and functional expertise to the challenges our clients face. We are change advocates with the experience through our developed approaches in our main disciplines to mobilize and enable organizations to create demand, improve workflow while lowering cost, improve financial results and market share.

We work to establish deep and sustainable partnerships with our clients, viewing their successes as our own. While every client engagement is unique, our baseline approach does not waiver. We confront every opportunity without preconceived notions and base our recommendations on facts acquired during our discovery and engagement as opposed to assumptions.

Every solution proposed is custom tailored to the client requirements and driven by in-depth research and rigorous analysis to the specific dynamics of the client’s organization and market position.

 Our consulting practice areas of expertise & disciplines:

  • Strategy & Operations  Strategy, Financial Management, Contact Center Operations, Analytics, Marketing, Technology, Sales and Customer Services
  • Salesforce Consulting Services On-Demand, Remote Support, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Optimization and Administration

We measure our own success by only one yardstick: our clients’ success.

Brian K. Naylor, Managing Director

Collaborative Consulting Approach

We work in collaboration with each client across the organization developing insights about the business, operate in a cross-functional capacity to mobilize the organization to act, drive tangible, high-impact results and improve client capabilities to achieve growth. Our collaborative consulting solutions focus exclusively on sales demand generation and sales acceleration.

Together with our consulting service areas of expertise and main disciplines bLogix partners with the industry leaders and incorporate the latest market technologies and best practices on all client engagements and in each custom solution. We desire to be the industry leading Cloud Alliance Partner in client satisfaction (CSAT) for Salesforce, our strategic Salesforce Cloud Alliance Consulting partner. We measure our own success by only one yardstick: our clients’ success.

bLogix’ approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

Passionate partnerships and the relentless pursuit of operational excellence translate to responsive service and a heritage of getting results.

Customer Commitments:

  • Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions
  • Building capabilities and mobilizing organizations
  • Driving sustainable impact
  • Passionate partnerships with our clients, associates, business partners and communities
  • Succeeding together with passion and trust
  • Relentless pursuit of operational excellence
  • Exceeding expectations

We encourage you to contact bLogix today at 864.266.2818 and schedule an initial consultation and speak with experienced adviser to discuss your business requirements.  Results matter!


brand lo-gis-tics (bLogix)
v. Collaboration, organization & execution of operational brand strategies to rapidly accelerate sales.